For my simulation-based papers, the code to replicate the results is downloadable. All code is programed in R, which can be found at

Tur, Bourelos, MckKelvey (forthcoming). The Case of Sleeping Beauties in Nanotechnology: A study of potential breakthrough
inventions in emerging technologies.

We study delayed recognition of nanotechnology inventions, and in the process we reinterpret the meaning of non-patent literature references.

Robustness checks mentioned in the paper: cohort analysis, alternative thresholds, fixed effects

Tur, E.M., Zeppini, P. & Frenken, K. (2018). Diffusion with social reinforcement: The role of individual preferences. Physical Review E, 97(2):022302.

Ideas are diffused through word-of-mouth with social reinforcement in a network. Which network diffuses to more agents ideas of the same intrinsic value? It depends of the distribution of minimum quality requirements for adoption in the population.

File:Tur Zeppini Frenken 2018.R

Tur, E.M. & Azagra-Caro, J.M. (2018). The coevolution of endogenous knowledge networks and knowledge creation. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 145, 424-434.

Agents create a collaborative network to produce knowledge. There is a double feedback mechanism: the amount of knowledge they create depends on their network, but their network also depends on the knowledge they have previously created.

File: Tur Azagra-Caro 2018.R


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