For my simulation-based papers, the code to replicate the results is downloadable. All code is programed in R, which can be found at

Tur E.M., Bourelos E. & McKelvey M. (2022) The Case of Sleeping Beauties in Nanotechnology: A study of potential breakthrough inventions in emerging technologies. The Annals of Regional Science.

We study delayed recognition of nanotechnology inventions, and in the process we reinterpret the meaning of non-patent literature references.

Robustness checks mentioned in the paper: cohort analysis, alternative thresholds, fixed effects

Tur, E.M., Zeppini, P. & Frenken, K. (2018). Diffusion with social reinforcement: The role of individual preferences. Physical Review E, 97(2):022302.

Ideas are diffused through word-of-mouth with social reinforcement in a network. Which network diffuses to more agents ideas of the same intrinsic value? It depends of the distribution of minimum quality requirements for adoption in the population.

File:Tur Zeppini Frenken 2018.R

Tur, E.M. & Azagra-Caro, J.M. (2018). The coevolution of endogenous knowledge networks and knowledge creation. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 145, 424-434.

Agents create a collaborative network to produce knowledge. There is a double feedback mechanism: the amount of knowledge they create depends on their network, but their network also depends on the knowledge they have previously created.

File: Tur Azagra-Caro 2018.R


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